Client: Zeiss Humphrey Systems
Project: QTVR's and Morph Video

Zeiss Humphrey makes medical eye examination instruments, some employing lasers. First, we produced 11 QTVR's of their instruments for a cd pitchbook. Then we created a morph movie showcasing the instruments for a trade show video.

Client: Zeiss Humphrey Systems
Project: Product Rollout and Marketing Videos

Next, Zeiss came to us with a unique challenge: produce four videos about two new instruments, with only two days of shooting. Zeiss needed two videos for a trade show product roll-out projected on huge projection screens, and two longer, more informative videos for end-users.

With tight budgeting, unique laser footage, 2D and 3D animation, and the power of the nonlinear edit system, Zeiss had their big trade show video splash, and easily re-purposed their video material in longer videos which explained operating principles.

Client: Zeiss Humphrey Systems
Project: Training Video

Zeiss was so pleased, they quickly ordered a training video for another product roll-out, their new Acuitus Refractor. Once again pushing the envelope, at Zeiss's request we also produced versions of the video in German, French, Italian and Spanish.