Streaming media on the web offers all the traditional advantages of video and more!

Use video on your web site to provide traditional marketing information to potential customers. For existing customers, video can offer product demonstration and training. Free up your telephone sales and support staff.

Rather than utilize scarce staff resources for training, create a training video. Be certain the training is the same every time, eliminate trainer inconsistancies. Stop repeating yourself.

It costs you money each time your marketing employees have to explain to the media how your product works. Video news releases, press conferences, and product information videos can be available to the media when they need them.

24 Hours A Day
Current customers, potential customers, and employees can browse web video and supporting information at their convenience, anytime, at the office or home.

Changes and alterations can be added to a website, making the video on the web current and updateable.

We Handle The Details
Nitecat Media offers state-of-the-art downloadable and streaming video, with accompanying html pages to companies who are taking advantage of this new communication revolution.

If your company already produced a video, we can digitize, compress, and add it to your website or intranet. If you need a video produced for the web, we specialize in producing video designed for the most efficient web steaming possible.

Nitecat Media