Whether you need an EFP package for portable field production, or a crew and lights package for your product roll-out video, Nitecat Media is prepared to make your next video a great video.

  • Digital Video Camera Package
Shoot digital and edit digital ! Tight budgets can benefit from the VX-1000's excellent resolution, manual audio, iris, and focus, and smooth variable 10X zoom lens.  Our crews have experience with the full range of professional video cameras and production equipment.
  • Betacam Packages 
    Nitecat Media, in alliance with SF Visuals, offers complete Betacam Production Packages, featuring the incomparable Ikegami HL-V55 Betacam Camera. Our wide network of videographers gives us access to any Betacam camera you may require.

  • Support Packages
    Complete Betacam and VX-1000 support packages including tripods, moniters, microphones and lights.  

Nitecat Media's post-production staff have experience on all video editing platforms.  We run Final Cut most of the time, but are experienced with Premiere Pro and Media 100 as well..

  • Final Cut Nonlinear Edit Systems

    Full range of current and legacy input and output systems including Sony DSR-40 DVCAM and mini DV Digital I/O, Component Betacam SP with SMPTE timecode, 3/4", S-VHS, and VHS.

    8 Channels of Inboard CD-Quality Audio.

    Delivery and backup on DVD, Web, Hard Disc, CD and even Tape.


    Capability to create: Special FX, Logos, Bumpers, Graphics, Titles, Transitions, Animations, all at full broadcast quality.

    After Effects
    Full Adobe Creative Suite

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